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Sir Alex Ferguson retires
To be honest, despite all the speculation, I am shocked.

Thought he might manage to squeeze in a few more seasons :p

What a legacy he will be leaving.

Thanks for everything, Purplenose
"The heart of the club is the fan. The board and the chairman are custodians. The staff are transient. But the fan is there forever"

Roy Macgregor, April 2013
It's remarkable what he has achieved with Man United. The time is right for him now.

Jurgen Klopp? David Moyes?

Whoever takes over has to step into one hell of a legacy.

We all knew it was going to happen at some point I dont think another manager will ever be at the same club for 26 years I wish you all the best Sir Alex
Well done Sir Alex, you made a lot of us smile,
watch out for "the Special One" moving in as SA has said that Josheeeee was the best manager he had come across.
You can take the People out of the Highlands but not the Highlands out of the People
As expected, it's Moyes. Long term stability from someone who'll nurture players rather unsurprisingly the order for Man Utd, rather than fleeting managers who buy in ready made players like Mourinho.
.: Ours, is the Fury :.

Fergie as Mario lol!!!

"the beach balls are burst" Derek Adams 19/05/13
Haha love it

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