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New Co. Where now ???
Where now for our Glorious "Spl" leaders Murray, White, Green, who Next for the Poisoned Chalice.

What will Stewart Milne try next to assist the Wee Rangers back to the Speeel, Sh!!!!te my 11-1 plan has not worked.

What do you think will help Stewart get his favourite team back to the Spl, you may ask for advice from any Afc Fans as I will personally pass any suggestions on.

Buying Greens shares is not an option as then the Afc fans will know his game.
Huh Huh
You can take the People out of the Highlands but not the Highlands out of the People
Frankly, I don't care.
Sevco are going down the same route as the former team that used to play at Ibrox, they'll liquidate shedding any debt and then start up again claiming to be the same club because the SFA and SFL don't have the balls to say otherwise, they are scared that if there isn't a team called Rangers in Scotland that the game is doomed.
I feel sorry for the non bigoted Rangers/sevco fans i know (and there is some out there ) that just want to see their team play football, however to all the bigots that listened/watched Charles Green playing them for fools by giving them what they wanted(Blaming the SFA, SPL, HMRC, Whyte, Celtic, Lawwell, Murray, RTC in fact anybody but themselves) He told them they'd be worth £500 million, be on a par with Man Utd in the EPL, They'd have a tie-in with the Dallas Cowboys, He wouldn't leave until Champions league music was playing at ibrokes etc etc but ultimately he delivered a manager who couldn't manage, a team regularly booed off the pitch, a sash bash against Linfield to try to raise funds and very little else.
Who knows what brought Green down was it the racist remarks or more likely the jumping in and out of bed with Whyte? but the sooner this club/company and their fans realise that you have to work within your means like all of us the better for Scottish football.
A Rangers/Sevco team does not have a divine right to be at the top of Scottish football they have to earn that right, a lot of people aren't happy that County are fighting for a place in Europe but that's tough as we've worked hard and within our means to get there!!

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