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Richard Brittain may not go
According to the P and J Richard Brittain is having second thoughts about moving to St Johnstone!! It would be brilliant if he stayed.

Hard to spot this amongst the rants from Stuart Milne that cover just about every page in the "Aberdeen Journals" P and J.
It would be amazing for the club if he were to stay, but is there any chance of St J letting him pull out of the move? He has put pen to paper, so it could be a difficult situation Undecided
(Insert humorous quip here)
Brilliant if he stays.

ROSS COUNTY captain Richard Brittain has stunned St Johnstone by asking them to rip up their pre-contract agreement.

By: Scott Burns
Published: Tue, April 16, 2013

The midfielder signed a two-year deal with the Perth club that was due to kick in at the end of the season, but he has had a change of heart and now wants his registration cancelled.

Brittain and his representative have been in contact with Saints chairman Steve Brown to inform him of the change of heart. The 29-year-old now wants to remain at Europa League-chasing County, although officials at the Dingwall club have denied a counter-offer has been made.

Ross County chairman Roy MacGregor was on holiday when Brittain signed his pre-contract in January and is believed to have been furious when he heard the news. He has been working behind the scenes to convince the player to stay.

If Brittain stands firm on his U-turn decision, County would need to pay a transfer fee to keep their captain.

St Johnstone boss Steve Lomas wants to meet Brittain this week to try to persuade him his future lies at McDiarmid Park.

Lomas said: “As far as I am concerned, Richard Brittain has signed a pre-contract with us and will come to St Johnstone. We have lodged the papers and done everything by the book and we expect Richard to be a St Johnstone player next season.”

Brittain has netted eight goals this season to help the Staggies reach the top six in their top-flight debut.

He started his career with Livingston before joining St Mirren in the summer of 2006 and then moving on to the Dingwall side two years later.


Great news, hopefully we'll see DA sign his new contract soon too Smile
Would they really want a player who does not want to play for them? Will be interesting game this Sunday Smile
Great news, but feel someone else will get the axe from midfield if he stays.

Also, wonder why the change of heart? Quite a big decision if he wasn't moving (just) for the money and was for family matters.

We must be such great fans! Wink
Given it would be great if he stayed...............The question should be would we be willing to pay a transfer fee to get him back?? As that's what it looks like it would take. 2 year deal with a decent first season in the SPL behind him, its not going to come cheap.
No sacrifice no victory 
(04-16-2013, 08:30 AM)BOFF Wrote: Would they really want a player who does not want to play for them?

This cuts both ways, of course.

But taking this at face value, something significant must have happened for him to have changed his mind, and I mean something more than our move from 11th to 5th place. I can't wait to find out what it is.
A lot will depend on the way the contract is written. Often there are get out of Jail Free clauses written in - If such and such or so and so happens both parties are released etc. Be interesting to see how this pans out. I think somebody posted before that something similar had happened before which would give a president in a situation like this. Any guidance from anyone
We will need to wate and see what he is going to do but i hope that he will stay tho
As I understand it, the fee part is not true. I could well be wrong, but a pre-contractual agreement is essentially a good will statement of intent, and nothing more. I would be so damn happy if this happened.
Don't see why we would need to pay a fee. Did Celtic not cancel a pre contract with a Polish centre half as he got injured if Richard Brittain decides he wants to stay the pre contract will be ripped up as it is a PRE contract.
Gudgie67 aka Gadgie67
Not sure exactly how this works, but a pre contract is written new each time, so they have some common ground, but it does not necessarily mean he has to go to ST J, i am sure there will be a way out with fees paid for the waste of legal resources drawing up the contract etc...

Would ST J actually want him now he has said he doesnt want to go.....
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It all depends on a number issues, but it's down to the legal minds to get around this. Quickly to the lawyers.....

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This would be brilliant news. Fingers crossed this can be sorted out. Surely St Johnstone wouldn't want a player who doesn't want to play for them!
(04-16-2013, 10:26 AM)gudgie67 Wrote: Don't see why we would need to pay a fee. Did Celtic not cancel a pre contract with a Polish centre half as he got injured if Richard Brittain decides he wants to stay the pre contract will be ripped up as it is a PRE contract.

They Did Indeed

In this deal, Celtic would appear to have had an option to cancel the deal- I'm guessing St Johnstone would have the option to cancel the pre-contract with RB if they wanted to (or were suitably compensated)
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Roy Macgregor, April 2013
If true then this would be excellent news!

Su-per, Super Rich
Su-per, Super Rich
Su-per, Super Rich
Super Richard Brittain!

No person is indispensible, but Staggies have a great opportunity to sway his mind on Sunday.

I think that this decision might be a key piece in the jigsaw keeping manager and important squad players together for next season. I hope it works.
If a club can cancel a PCA then I expect a player can as well.
Interesting, heard a rumour on Saturday about this.

The team had a team building/drinking day on saturday. Maybe he realised he wanted to stay after a few beers with the boys. Hopefully they have all decided they want to stay.
From Bottom of Highland League, to sitting at Scottish footballs top table.....If Carlsberg did Football stories!.
Has this ever happened with any other footballers before? I certainly can't remember anyone.

It would be such a boost to the club if there is some way out of the pre contract.

Personally I'd be so chuffed if he stayed.

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