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Supporters with disabilities
Just wondering if there is any sort of network set-up for supporters with disabilities with the Club, and does this group have any kind of representation at meetings etc? I'm looking to help out or volunteer with something like this. Personally, I've always found the Club's attitude towards inclusion has been first rate, a real feather in the cap of Ranald and his team.
Staggies Disabled Supporters Club Chairman
After watching the game against Celtic on Alba it struck me that the area for people in wheelchairs probably can't see the far corner flag. Is this the case? If so, they shoud raise the section and have a ramp leading up to it. Bad form if you can't see the whole game.
Thanks for the reply and that's a good point. I'm not a fan of having wheelchair sections at the front of seated sections due to the increased possibility of vulnerable people being hit by a wayward shot etc. Also the low viewpoint makes it difficult to see the majority of the far end of the pitch, as you say. Ideally, I would like to see all stadiums with wheelchair access further back in a stand.

At ICT I had terrible problems accompanying wheelchair users to the games as the sections are right at the front meaning the view of the pitch is poor and people walk past all the time and obstruct the view even more. The stewarding was really poor, they would let people stand in front of wheelchair users for the last 5 or 10 minutes as they leave the ground early. The attitude of some fans towards us was disgusting too and the club really didn't take on board any of my comments. It seemed the further they climbed the divisions, the less tey cared about these guys who had been going to games for years. So that's why I started to take them to County in 2005 as we were welcomed with open arms and the accomodation was great. Very pleased to see that the welcoming attitude has remained as we are in the SPL. Well done County!
Staggies Disabled Supporters Club Chairman
(03-16-2013, 12:31 PM)icer Wrote: I'm not a fan of having wheelchair sections at the front of seated sections due to the increased possibility of vulnerable people being hit by a wayward shot etc.

Unfortunately for all clubs, that is the cheapest option. Having the wheelchair section midway up the stand involves putting a lift or similar in. Thankfully there are some cracking seats in the west stand for those with mobility problems.
The following was posted on the club's official website last week. I assume the invitation for disabled supporters or their carers to go along and give their input is still open as this was only posted a couple of days before the Scottish Disabled Supporters Association was to be at Victoria Park and the invite was was to be at a ''mutually convenient time''

''The Scottish Disabled Supporters Association will be at Ross County's Global Energy Stadium this Tuesday afternoon (the 12th) to assist the Club in identifying areas where the accessibily for and service to disabled supporters could potentially be improved and as such we would like to invite any Disabled Supporters or their carers to come along and give their input.

Anyone wishing to do so can contact the Club on 01349 860860 and we will arrange a mutually convenient time.''
Glad that the club are taking steps to improve the experience at Viccy P for people with disabilities. I hate the way some people are treated like they are 2nd class or, worse, that they don't exist. Look past the disability and see the person.
Thanks for the replies all.
Staggies Disabled Supporters Club Chairman
Anyone go to the open day for disabled supporters that County had the other day?

Any feedback from the club?

I see a lot of people are commenting on the fact that disabled supporters are always put low down in stands, not sure if you're all aware but County have some very good positions at the back of the West Stand for wheelchairs, with access via the lift in the main reception. Don't know how many positions there are exactly, but its probably one of the best positions within the stadium outwith the comfy seats the directors use.
From the Club's web-site:

Representatives of the Scottish Disabled Supporters Association will host a meeting in the Hamilton Lounge here at the Global Energy Stadium at 18:00 on Thursday the 18th of April, as they look to assist fans in the foundation of a Ross County Disabled Supporters Association.

The meeting is open to all Disabled Supporters and their Carers/relatives with an interest in making a difference for fans of all Clubs who attend matches in Dingwall, working with the Club to identify and address issues.

For more information contact the Club on 01349 860860.

From the club website. I have taken the liberty of correcting some of the bad grammar,spelling and typo mistakes, but not sure what to make of the 'however'!!
Following the RCFC Disabled Supporters Association Launch meeting on the 18th of April there will be a follow up meeting for those of you wishing to attend on Thursday the 9th May at 6.30pm. The Scottish Disabled Supporters Association are also holding their AGM on Saturday the 25th May from 2pm at Hampden however there will be free entry to the Football Museum from 12.30 onwards.
(04-29-2013, 07:28 PM)MayHam Wrote: From the club website. I have taken the liberty of correcting some of the bad grammar,spelling and typo mistakes, but not sure what to make of the 'however'!!

Yeah, bad choice of word there. Thanks for pointing the article out MayHam, hadn't been on the club site today. Will do my best to get along to that.
Staggies Disabled Supporters Club Chairman
From the club's web site:

The club has appointed a new Disability Access Officer, Stephanie Strang, who will start work with the club immediately.
Stephanie commented "I am a Ross County fan, so it was a pleasure for me to take on the position of Disability Access Officer at the club.
Being disabled myself I will endeavour to help staff at Ross County and fans to ensure that all disabled and ambulant disabled supporters needs are identified and provision is made for them whilst visiting the Global Energy Stadium.
I know how stressful and tiring it can be going out for the day so I would like to be there with the staff at Ross County to take some of the stress and strain away and do all we can to make it an enjoyable day.  I am enthusiastic about this new role and encourage anyone with any problems or queries to get in touch with myself or staff to help disability access issues at the club."
Ross county have the best Disabled Supporters Policy in the spl were all disabled people get in for have price and can have a seat next to there family members or friends do ross county have a Disabled season ticket and what is the cost of it at caley thistle its £75 and you are told to have a seat down the front instead of being with family members or friends a 2nd good ground to go to is st johnstone fc they let all disabled people in for half price as well
Some teams, particularly in the lower leagues are great with visiting disabled supporters.

Myself and my disabled son attend every County home game, but due to distances very seldom see away matches (trips to caley and frequent trips to Hampden excluded).

Instead when County are away we either go to Elgin, or local Highland League games.
These are the receptions we get at the following grounds:

Elgin City - always waved through, have never paid, very friendly
Forres Mech - waved through never paid.
Nairn County - always pay full price, not very friendly.
Caley (for County games) pay for disabled and carer (£10) very friendly.
Clach - always waved through, have never paid, very friendly.

Over the years we have visited many league grounds following County.
a couple stand out.

Stirling Albion - told to put our money away, escorted to the directors area of the ground, given a programme, and at half time two pies arrived (not Deas), we were given smiles when we left the ground, and County won 2-0.

Aidrie - Parked the car and was about to pay, when this chap arrived, insisted we moved closer to the entrance, moved his own car so we could park next to the main office. Took us into the office, gave us two complementory tickets. Had a first team player who was not playing that day escort us to our seats. Only downer was we lost 1-0.

Now I do not object to paying, and if we do not pay on the gate always support raffles etc.

The point I am trying to make is, it seems to be the teams that are most hard up who are the most caring.

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