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Mcmenamin Away???
I have it on good authority Mcmenamin was told this week he can leave the club.
Not sure if he wil go or stay as part of the squad, be interesting to see if he is involved in the next couple of games.
In fairness, due to his injury he's not been playing much recently anyway.
Maybe getting 20 minutes here and there in recent games.

Although I always felt that even with his injury he was worthy of keeping on the bench as he was dangerous and caused a threat when he came on.

I'll be sorry to see him go, and he is another one of the team the achieved so much set to leave us.

But if Derek has said he can go, then he must be confident that we have someone to replace him
Although last season Colin was superb....this season he has done very little, but I don't really blame Colin, I blame DA for always playing Colin alone up front...which really has not served us well this season ....
There's a fine line between genius and insanity
He remains a useful player to have in the squad but I do wonder whether he lacks the pace and composure to score regularly against SPL defenders.

An very good First Division player, fully committed, who might just be a little out of his depth at our current level.
Hopefully Derek has some strikers lined up if not he must be reading the former Scotland manager's book of tactics.
Gudgie67 aka Gadgie67
His major issue has been injuries and I don't think they are likely to improve in the near future, if at all. Did wonders for us last season but the increase in quality and the toll on his body have shown quite badly at times. Will always give 100% and chase every last cause, so I'd rather Morrow was out the door before him.

(01-18-2013, 09:50 PM)Les Westander Wrote: With better service & support Colin Manamana could have scored a few this season, but we concentrated on other tactical priorities and got a lot of Draws that arguably might otherwise have been losses. I know the reaction of many fans is that some of them might have been wins and that we were turgid, but caution was appropriate until we found our feet and a measure of our potential to compete. Also we never replaced what Gardyne gave us and are still seeking a better team balance.

In other words I think it is only his injury and our tactics that have held Colin back, rather than quality /capability. He's a much better player than the last time he was in the SPL.

Admittedly I take a lot of drugs on a Friday evening.

That was just a joke kids. Don't do it.
Malky Mackay - he's our new manager
Del obviously has one or two forwards in mind if Colin is for the boot........... please let him have someone in mind.............. Confused
He's NOT the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy!
McMen will always be remembered for his contribution last year but there is not much room for sentiment if he has the sort of degenerative injury which has been indicated. Del will rightly see this as an opportunity. Wrong thread, but what price Kris Boyd?
If you feel down about this - just remember, you have won the same amount of Tour De Frances as Lance Armstrong.
Surely, if Colin is going Del. will have a plan B....he kind of. Intimated on the radio interview that he was not finished buying yet.....so hopefully a striker or two can be found....also listening to a the few people whom saw the briars game, sproule looked very sharp and. Very fast....but that was against Brora...with no disrespect to Brora they are not an SPL team...so how fast did he need to look to look good against them?
As long as Ritchie starts and lawson, then we can probably muddle thru the rest with what we have, but unless we get a SPL class. Of sticker we ain't going to be scoring many goals....
There's a fine line between genius and insanity
Can't see him being released unless we bring in two strikers.

Wait and see though
From Bottom of Highland League, to sitting at Scottish footballs top table.....If Carlsberg did Football stories!.
Morrow should be out the door rather than mcmenamin.

No desire at all
[Image: Welcometothehighlands-1.jpg]
Thought morrow was released? Colin should be kept above morrow, no doubt about that...
There's a fine line between genius and insanity
(01-19-2013, 02:48 PM)dereknic Wrote: Thought morrow was released? Colin should be kept above morrow, no doubt about that...

No, that was Kurtis Byrne. Morrow is on the bench today ahead of McMenamin.

(01-19-2013, 01:35 PM)stirlingshire_staggie Wrote: Morrow should be out the door rather than mcmenamin.

No desire at all

Any more words of wisdom? Angel
Yes don't mix barley with the berries. You will have a horrible hang over.

A little more improvement from morrow.
[Image: Welcometothehighlands-1.jpg]
Morrow, although he scored, and showed a lot more promise today, hasn't changed my mind,..he seems a bit lazy out front....although give him his due....today he played better than I hav seen in a long while....
There's a fine line between genius and insanity
I thought he did okay and took his goal very well. First time I've really seen him go into a 1 on 1 with a real intent about him. Looked better than he has done before.
I think Morrow picked up his game on Saturday due to the arrival of Sproule. Players often get a lift when new players come in.
Colin's being a bit Johnny Flynn on twitter these days.

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