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County in fifa 2012
Some good news and bad news if your using the creation centre to create county.

Good news is you can upload the logos and sponsor.

Bad news is that they dont have this season's arrow template.

Apart from that looks good.
[Image: Welcometothehighlands-1.jpg]
I have modified last year County team to have the new players, new style strip (although it's the Umbro one, but very similar), although the badge I've used is the pre 1994 badge !

Just search for Ross County created by deanross3
think ill stick to pro ev this year ive created the rest of the spl and most of the sfl to create an almost genuine scottish league.

Canny be bothered with fifa because they only have the spl. not a fan of the english leagues at all
[Image: Welcometothehighlands-1.jpg]
I've created an SFL1 league too.

Not played it yet, and apart from County I'm not sure what the other teams are like as they've all been made by fans of the other teams.
All are current teams (except Hamilton, who are a FIFA11 team so probably last season's players)

I'll give it a go latter and see how I get on with it.

JUst do a search in custom tournys for SFL 1 again created by deanross3
My county team is up for download now. It's under Glasgowstaggie
[Image: Welcometothehighlands-1.jpg]
How is everyone finding the defending? I have changed mine back to the old style, I was getting nowhere with it!
.: Ours, is the Fury :.

I hated it tbh. Not impressed with it at all this year
[Image: Welcometothehighlands-1.jpg]
Iv cobbled together a County select, mostly highland league players and whoever popped into my head really!
Twitter - @DPGR10
I have just led County to the UEFA Cup Semi-Final, 3 League Cup wins, 1 Scottish Cup win and 2 3rd place SPL finishes on Champ Manager 01/02.
I also once led County to 15 consecutive quadruples (European Champions CUP, SPL, League and Scots Cups) on Sensi World of Soccer 96/97.
Not that this has anything to do with this thread, just wanted to share the glory.

(formerly named Geordieland Staggie).

Registered member since March 2003.

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