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Anyone ever played this?

The only rule is you must kick a ball at the opposing players head. Dead simple.

Ashley Williams is the ambassador for the sport.

Disclaimer: I've not seen the incident

..........but it's a football getting kicked, not a knee, or an elbow like happens in other sports and they get on with it. As I said, I've not seen it, but I can't see how getting stood on at the bottom of a ruck in rugby, can be less dangerous than getting hit with a football full of air!

FWIW, I have been kicked in the head at the bottom of a ruck and hit in the face with a football from point blank range (stopping a volley as a goalie)...... so I do have some frame of reference for comparing the two.

........... BTW I've also had a few shots to the stones blocking shots at footy, that is worse than both the above.
Haven't seen said incident or the game/highlights, but i rather feel it's more about Fergie deflecting criticism from his team and passing it on to everyone else.
Remember Keane's tackle on the leeds player(i think) years ago was that not a career ending act of thuggery that would have seen joe public locked up for a few months, i don't seem to remember Fergie demanding 'a long, long ban'!!
Williams didn't do it on purpose. He went to batter the ball back down the park and it sliced off his foot. Lots of hyperbole about nothing.

Quote:Remember Keane's tackle on the leeds player(i think) years ago

Inge Haaland, which was premeditated to boot.

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