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Caley away - 5th Oct
Anyone with a car coming from Aberdeen?

I finish work at 4pm but the trains not until 5.20pm so I will arrive at kick off Sad

If someone has space ill happily contribute towards fuel and buy you a half time pie!
Nevermind, Iv managed to get the day off Big Grin
I was going to get back to you. I should have had a space but 4 drums, 3 adults, 1 child various overnight/kit bags and a set of pipes, disappointingly fills an A4 estate :< Doubt you would have been up for the 7:00 o’clock start either!
Is anyone coming up from Edinburgh way and going back on the same night? If so, and they have a space, I would be eternally grateful of a lift. Petrol money provided, of course!
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