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Man City Champions
Incredible end to the season whether you support City or United. Can't believe that City got 2 in the last 5 mins though. Barton was a tool and always will be.

Who signs who in the summer will be interesting though. If Man City spend big as per, then we could see them begin to dominate and tear off from United , but we will have to see.

An unbelievable finish to the EPL, i didn't think City could score 2 goals in extra time to win it it was like utd winning the champions league in extra time.
I'm looking forward to match of the day tonight just to go through all the highs and lows again.
Incredible finish. To see City fans crying and kicking seats in frustration, and then a few minutes later dancing with delight..
You just knew if they scored 1 they would get the 2, and both in 'Fergie time', lol.

I had managed to avoid the scores throughout the day so watched Match of the day last night without knowing the outcome of the games. I really thought Man City had blown it but they showed that you have to play to the final whistle and if you do then anything is possible. Sheer joy for City fans but what a gut wrenching moment for the Utd fans. It reminded me of the Gretna goal scored by James Grady a few years ago that broke St Johnstone hearts.
Well done City.
I got home from the Rangers game just as QPR scored their 2nd - what incredible entertainment!

I flicked straight over to SS2 when Aguero hit the net to watch the news filter through at the Stadium of Light - amazing that when the final whiltle went there they thought they had won it.
Whenever anyone asks why you are so keen on football and that they just don't see what the attraction is, point to those Man City fans.

44 years of waiting for a title. Watching your local bitter rivals (who were always the smaller club) win trophy after trophy. Sacking manager after manager. Numerous false dawns. Going down to League 1 and still pulling in 30,000+ attendances. League 1 play-off final, at Wembley when coming back from the dead. Billionaire owner all set to bankroll you, then you discover that he is wanted in Thailand, and his money is frozen. New owners, with even more money. Walking away with the title, until it all starts to go wrong. Salvation by beating your rivals, so that all you have to do is beat a relegation candidate at home, who go down to 10 men.

The gut-churning sense that after 44 years, having got there almost, yet again, City have f***ed it up, right at the death. Contemplating work on Monday with the unbridled glee from the other lot at them winning and you losing. Into stoppage time, and the tears have started, cos that's what being a City fan is all about - yet another f*** up. No sign of you looking like scoring, even against 10 men.

And then, the hope after you get one goal, with two minutes to go of injury time. Surely it is too cruel - this is what City do, give you false hope, only for all hope to be dashed. The other lot are already celebrating their title.

Then it happens, Aguero, and you explode in a sheer orgasm of absolute joy, hugging your best mates, and those you don't know, in the knowledge, safe, secure, and it can't be taken away, that City, your City, the perpetual f***-up merchants, the bottle-boys, have done it. The title is yours, you can gloat about being Manchester's top team, and nothing can take away this feeling of absolute shocking delightful bliss. Better than sex, no matter how you do it.

Victory and success means little unless you as a fan have suffered the agonies of deceit, betrayal, defeat, and loss. Those last 10 minutes of the game v QPR are what makes real football fans, and what makes football great.

Despite all its flaws, despite the multi-millionaires sucking the life out of the beautiful game, that is why we love football.
(05-14-2012, 08:39 AM)StuartTaylor Wrote: Incredible finish. To see City fans crying and kicking seats in frustration, and then a few minutes later dancing with delight..
You just knew if they scored 1 they would get the 2, and both in 'Fergie time', lol.
Before Fergie congratulated City he had a pop about the 5 mins added on!! oh how the memory fades as you get oldBig Grin
Actually, if you sit and time the amount of stoppage time there should be in a match, it is rare that the ref adds anything like enough.

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