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I.C.T.F.C v D.A.F.C, Wed 2nd May 2012
Anyone heading along to give the Pars some moral support (against them) ?

I know of at least 3 County fans heading into the Pars end.
Mixed feelings. I want ICT to stay up but I also want Dunfermline to stay up. I think Dunfermline deserve a win against ICT given the goalkeeping howlers that have cost Dunfermline against ICT this season.

Although I think ICT are safe with the number of pints they have already they will let out a sigh of relief with another three points.

Dunfermline to edge it and pile the pressure on Hibernian.
Caley are safe and really, really looking forward to the derbys next season!

Much, much rather have Hibs down and Pars to stay up. Maybe my past remeinding me where I've lived and worked etc......
Oh well a draw at Caley Dump and hibs run riot in Aberdeen.
Think the Pars are doomed!!!

3 of us went and seen 2 others from the jailend there.

Messers Gardyne, Boyd, Miller & Kettlewell were also there and walked past the vocal Pars singing section at half-time, but took a while for the visiting fans a while to clock them.


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