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Bus to Queens game ???
Will there be a bus or buses go to the Queen of the South Game 5th May???

This will be are last game in the 1st Division and all the title winning celebrations will have passed the trophy will be presented at our last home game against Hamilton. In our fight to get into the SPL there have been a number of highs and lows some of these have evolved end of season scraps at the bottom of the league including relegation to the 2nd division which we bounced straight back from the following season. For me the game on the 5th May is a celebration of how far the club has come in the last 18 years since leaving the Highland League.

We have shown over the last few weeks that we can generate a good travelling support so please let’s all make the effort and go to this game.

Before someone say’s it I know that we didn’t get enough interest for a bus to the Morton game and that was very disappointing.

Lets make this a day to remember and go in fancy dress, I seen a few comments on other threads about fancy dress, maybe little bo peep will find her lost sheep.

I hope so. There seems a bit of interest.
These random pirate posts are becoming a pain in the [censored]. Can the admin delete or block them?

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any chance of a bus going down Im desperate to get down to this one.
I know about 4 of my mates wanting to go down to this one.
Best contacting the club for a bus. Don't wait for someone else to do it or it may never happen.

I e-mailed them about a bus for the first away game of the season and they were very helpful, although a bus never ran to the game.

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