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Vs celtic 24th April
Hopefully the players will still be feeling the injustice of celtics 97th minute winner last time they were up here and get stuck right into them from the start, celtic fans will be pure raging if we can go in front and stay there for a significant amount of time, especially after last weekend.
I quite fancy our chances of a scoring draw here.
a draw would be a massive bonus for our ambitions and I do think there could be a knock on their focus after last week.
Will we be the second results bus that turns up to dent their season. How often do we see team on a run that finally lose one and then go on a negative mini run.
No convinced thought at this late stage. If we can stop them getting ahead in the game the longer it goes, anything is possible. a credible 0-2 defeat and on to Hearts.

I think this one should be about keeping our goal difference down, as miserable as that sounds.
Celtic looked leggy vs Rangers but they so often respond with storming displays after disappointing results.

I'm hopeful, but it could be a long night.
(04-21-2022, 12:05 PM)Pete The Jakey Wrote: I think this one should be about keeping our goal difference down, as miserable as that sounds.
Just about sums this game up! That's the reality of it. On a positive note we''ve had two weeks to prepare......................
We now have a 7 goal advantage over motherwell after their game today, hoping we keep the score to a minimum tomorrow and retain as big a goal difference as possible.

I've been told Kevin clancy and Frank connor(linesman) have been selected for this game to ensure celtic win, but that's coming from a paranoid rangers fan, will be interesting to see how there decisions go tomorrow.
Clancy is Celtic biased all day long. Oh well 11 v 12……………. We welcome the challenge !
Draw or low score defeat is probably best we can hope for, but the eternal optimist in me still has me putting a fiver on a County win !
Baldwin not in squad, that's a huge blow in a game like this.
(04-24-2022, 01:38 PM)Westhillstaggies Wrote: Baldwin not in squad, that's a huge blow in a game like this.
Totally agree, he will be a big miss. Watson will give everything as usual though,as long as it’s not penalties ! Josh Simms on bench
Chasing shadows!
Celtic have dropped off a little in the second half and we are getting a few sniffs now.
Paton quiet, should be banned from attempting to shoot.
Tillson, didn’t know he was on the pitch until he was subbed off.
RCC very quiet

Cancola did ok when he came on, think he’ll start next week for Paton or Tillson.
Hungbo gave no reason to get a start over Spittal.

A decent effort, no damage done over the weekend so I feel sort of ok with the result
Great defensive display. The two full backs were excellent and the whole team fought like tigers. Must be really frustrating chasing the ball over 90 minutes. County teams in the past would have buckled after the first goal. There's no doubt the manager has helped foster a real team spirit. I hope Hibs don't come knocking.

On a sour note the situation with Celtic fans in the County areas was truly shocking. My friend was sitting in the west end of the East Stand where it was completely out of control. Where I was sitting in the East Stand extension there were lots of empty seats as Celtic fans had clearly bought tickets there and decided to stand at the far end near the rest of the "travelling fans". Stewards and police seem powerless to do anything.

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