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County in the Press
(06-24-2022, 01:13 PM)Fabrizio Wrote: Malky has done the job he was brought in for

The self righteous brigade that are complaining and abstaining from games are the ones missing out

I saw a post further up that Malky "did little to show he'd taken responsibility for his actions".

Why does he need to? Just because he's come to RCFC it doesn't give any supporter or punter the God given right to demand he drops to his knees and asks for forgiveness at every given opportunity.

He's here as a manager, he's doing a great job, he's learnt from his past and is being a better person.

How do you feel he should be "showing responsibility for his actions"?  Should he pull you in for a one on one to explain that "yeah I was in the wrong, I realise that, and I'm trying to be a better person now"

Or should he just get on with his job and ignore the busy bodies that want to pass judgement?
Well that was me - I really think the appointment was badly handled but the club and had it been better I would likely have returned.  I certainly did not suggest he had to drop to his knees but have seen cases where people have done more to acknowledge the issues.  The club and he seemed happier to ignore it and I contrast it with the approach of the England cricketer.  He was much younger when he tweeted some things I'd view as inappropriate but for me he did stand up and take responsibility for it and I respect him for that.

No one at the club needs to listen to me at all - was always touted as a community club but that doesn't seem a key feature in any decision making and that is up to them.  But I'm allowed to follow the team and express my opinion (and others can of course disagree thats cool we are all different.

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