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County in the Press
(01-13-2022, 05:14 PM)RCChimp Wrote: He never abused anyone, he sent a number of inappropriate PRIVATE messages that were leaked. There has been no inappropriate behaviour since, personal apologies made and support for anti racist campaigns. He has never been charged with a crime.
Surely you can move on from that. 
Interestingly enough I've never heard you moan about Harry Paton being at the club, are his alleged mistakes more acceptable to you?

[Admin edited]
He likes been fed ,so don’t feed him gadge.
(01-13-2022, 11:28 PM)RCChimp Wrote: Wasn’t accusing him of anything or saying any details, but point taken.
I’ve made mistakes in life and I don’t sit on my high horse constantly judging others.

Have you made racist, homophobic, sexist or anti semitic comments in your adult life?

As for Paton, firstly he hasn't been convicted of anything. If he is, then you'd hope the club would do the right thing and terminate his contract.
Racists have no place at RCFC.

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