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County in the Press
RCChimp Wrote:Hungboooooooooo !


Great article, sounds like Malkys not such the bad guy after all.
A press thing? Hungbo wins goal of the month:

A different behind the scenes interview today, Don Cowie like everyone else heaps a lot of praise on Malky. Clearly nobody is going to moan about the boss in public, but it does seem that MM commands a lot of respect from everyone that works with him
“People only see what’s happening on the pitch with the team."

That's generally where it matters Don.

Jobs for the boys springs to mind reading that.
Well done Malky for doing that, particularly knowing how people like to shoot him down. Whilst I'm sure he'll get no credit from some he is clearly trying to do the right things.
Interesting snippet from that article for me is: "Kick It Out, the anti-racism group, made supportive comments when Mackay joined the Scottish FA pointing out that he received equality and diversity training in the aftermath of the allegations"

Also, given how many openly gay professionals there are in women's sports, why is this still a thing in men's football?
(11-28-2021, 10:20 PM)Westhillstaggies Wrote: https://www.facebook.com/114367423288892...89?sfns=mo
A good interview from Malky I must admit. He is by no means out of the bad books (my personal opinion don't shoot me down) but it's good to see him tackling things like this publicly, more of this please.

New podcast, talking County from the start with a D Samuel post match interview, can turn off after that Smile

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