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New strips
I’m not tech savvy enough to post an image of it but the club have today released the new away and goalkeeper kits for this season. I must say the away kit is an absolute peach and I’ll 100% be buying it , no word on the home one yet , if anyone can post an image on here that would be appreciated, what’s everyone else’s thoughts on the new kit?
I tried posting the image but had no joy. 

Looks a smart strip though Wink
Completely different and unexpected, a fresh new strip for a fresh new direction for the club.
Last seasons away strip was one of my favourites , but I think I like this one more.
Yeah, I tried uploading a picture of the cracking YELLOW away strip too. Without success ?

I love it, hopefully get to see it in Elgin tomorrow, it's a throw back to the amazing yellow away strip we had in the late 90's, I'm sure I have the old top stuck away somewhere!
(07-01-2021, 07:27 PM)Westhillstaggies Wrote: Completely different and unexpected,  a fresh new strip for a fresh new direction for the club.

Agreed, not sure how the players will feel playing with hoods over their faces though. See how it pans out.
I'm not a fan of the new kit at all, far preferred last season's away kit.
Any idea what the fitting off Joma strips are like are you better going a size up ?
New home top to be unveiled Thursday (tomorrow) @5pm.
Sensible Soccer Wrote:New home top to be unveiled Thursday (tomorrow) @5pm.

Looking forward to it,  hopefully avaliable in the club shop on Sunday, see if it can tempt me away from buying the yellow.
It’s lovely , white pinstripes on the usual navy , very impressed with both kits this year
Both are nice kits, i like the away better but the home is smart too

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