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Ross County's next manager
Okay it's just after the 0-2 defeat at home to Hamilton. Stuart Kettlewell (nice guy and whatever) must surely be removed from his role as manager. 

I don't feel i have to justify this too much as the team have been so bad for so long. 

Who do we get in that can get us out if this Kettlewell shaped hole? Please not Ferguson, i think he'll serve the club best if he continues in his current position.
Tommy Wright or terry butcher
He's now been sacked.
(12-19-2020, 06:04 PM)Monthestaggies98 Wrote: Tommy Wright or terry butcher
2 good options. Good thinking that ;-)
I've heard Yogi Hughes has been contacted about the job.........hope not!
Just watched Ketts BBC interview where he announced the news of his sacking. It hasn't worked out for him, unfortunately, but again he's showing real class. Club legend and an all-round top gadge!!!!
Hughes and Butcher are two easy choices, which is exactly what we should steer away from.
Tommy Wright all day long,Butcher is yesterdays news and as for Hughes,he is more disruptive than Coyle and with a serious ammount of baggage,allegedly.
Assuming the club don't already have someone lined up, it's totally the wrong approach to just chuck names out there without considering the parameters they'll be operating under or the criteria by which they'll be evaluated

For example, if the goal is "stay up this season at all costs, we don't care about longevity or sustainability, here's a big pile of cash to sign some thirtysomethings in January" then you're obviously looking at a very different pool of candidates than if the goal is "staying up would be nice but we've no money so it's not the end of the world if we go down, as long as we put in place the building blocks to come back up"

If the criteria for this season were the latter, then that would explain Ketts being kept in the role as long as he was, however today's result made his position untenable

The club need to finalise WHAT they want before they can consider WHO they want
"The heart of the club is the fan. The board and the chairman are custodians. The staff are transient. But the fan is there forever"

Roy Macgregor, April 2013
Thought that Stuart Kettelwell gave a dignified interview to BBC after the game, good luck to him for the future. The club said they would support him in the coming weeks, not sure what that means but hopefully it’s helpful for him and his family.

I hope the new manager, whoever he may be has some good contacts in the game as we will need some loans in January.

Paul Hartley ?

Or out of left field Steven Craigen ?
(12-19-2020, 11:00 PM)Brick on the wall Wrote: Paul Hartley ?

Or out of left field Steven Craigen ?

After an evening of dismal news, it's good to see there is still a sense of humour within the County support.
Absolutely gutted to see it not work out for Ketts. He has been a tremendous servant to the club and it as been so sad to see it end this way.

I think the players have clearly underperformed for him but I do think it did reach the point where a change sadly needed to be made.

In terms of going forward, Tommy Wright would be a good fit or perhaps Adams if he has learnt from his mistakes from the end of his previous tenure.
I'd take Tommy Wright in a heartbeat. He doesn't tend to get his sides playing good football, but we absolute drivel at the moment.

Please not Adams.
Long term:
Tommy Wright
Stewart Petrie

Short term:
Mr Miyagi
Adams 3.0?!

Somebody dust off the naughty step!
StatesideStaggie Wrote:Adams 3.0?!

Somebody dust off the naughty step!
The new manager has been identified, obviously before Kettlewell's sacking, and is just waiting to be announced. Before Wednesday I believe.
(12-21-2020, 10:10 AM)VENISON Wrote: Yogi...
Really not sure how I feel about that - but hey time to get behind the team and have a little hope
Underwhelming to say the least.
Let’s get behind him and hope he can pull us out this mess
Oh dear.

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