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Pay-Per-View RCFCTV
Pay-Per-View now availalbe via RCFCTV - overseas streaming options are also available for any Staggies working / living overseas.

Club Statement below:

Following the SPFL’s announcement that clubs can offer a Pay-Per-View service, we are delighted to be able to bring RCFCTV to the masses.
For all upcoming home league games, subject to matches being covered by SKY, we will be offering Pay-Per-View of RCFCTV coverage for £15.00 per match. This will include our pre-match show from our team of Rory Hamilton, Jamie Lyall and Stephen Craigan, who will joined by an ex-Staggie for each match. This will also include the match live with our commentary team and special features during the half time interval.
On the announcement of Pay-Per-View, CEO Steven Ferguson said,

“We are delighted to be able to offer PPV. Pricing something like this is very difficult but it was essential for us that we reflected value for money in our season tickets to our loyal fans who purchase them year in and year out, so we have priced it between our Season Ticket prices for the Jailend and East/West Stands.”
“With the quality of output that has been seen in our Pre-season Preview Show and our first league game there is absolutely no doubt that our price for PPV reflects value for money and gives a great experience for fans as we have been told on numerous occasions since the first game against Motherwell.”
“We also anticipate the possibility of friends and families gathering together to watch streamed matches and thus lowers the revenues that would ordinarily come through the club for match tickets. PPV is also substantially less than a regular walk up match ticket.”
Season Tickets are still the cheapest way of watching the Staggies this season and guaranteeing your chance to get back into the Global Energy Stadium with the Scottish Governments anticipated date of 14[sup]th[/sup] September for the return of fans to stadia, again how many we do not know at this point and it is important to continue adhering to the guidelines to suppress the virus.
Staggies fans can also watch some of our away matches this season should the host team be offering PPV. Prices will vary with clubs setting their own price points and PPV will be accessed through the home club’s TV platform.

You will also have the ability to select the RCFCTV commentary for away matches if PPV is available. Again, matches covered by SKY will not be available for PPV.
Supporter Liaison Officer 


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