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league reconstruction
is it just me over thinking the ongoing saga
 lately I have been asking myself if county were at the bottom and to be relegated would the SFA be having the discussion at all unlikely would be my answer also strange how this benefactor suddenly appears willing to help all clubs survive with a cash injection looks to me more like a bribe to keep hearts in the premiership could it be this is just 1 of hearts backers crunching the numbers and coming to the conclusion that hearts being relegated would cost them millions better to spend 1 million on getting reconstruction passed and keep hearts up
On a personal level I am disappointed they are going down as it is one of two grounds in my city so I am missing out on some "home" games.
However I agree if it had not been Hearts at the bottom of the league absolutely nothing would be done to help any of the other clubs that were near the bottom.
It’s unfair for hearts to be relegated as they still had time to get themselves out that mess and I’d like to think no matter what club was bottom that this viewpoint would’ve been taken , im for reconstruction and think a 14 team league would allow teams of our ilk to develop and not always be looking over our shoulder to relegation
I think the league needs reconstructed, but not to save hearts, they were the poorest team with only 4 wins all season, so I don’t feel sorry for them If they go down. They were paying huge wages for Scottish football, and it’s completely backfired. I think the Scottish game needs change but not to save one team from the drop. It needs to be viable and a long lasting solution. None of this short term nonsense that budge has put forward.
I'm for a bigger league but one where we play teams once at home and once away, so it's a 16 for me, i don't see any benefit of a 14 to a 12 team top division.

I'm also not keen on a knee jerk reaction to this virus and pushing something through for next season. If we are to change, let's be fair to everyone so they know what's on the line, and plan ahead, let's change this time NEXT year, or even the summer after that but let's have it worked out before a ball is kicked.

Now Rangers are stepping in with their version, with a bit of bribery and even trying to dictate to Highland and Lowland leagues.
There's absolutely no reason to be even considering reconstruction (at least at top flight level) for 20/21
The current setup may not be perfect, but it does work well in numerous aspects- for one, every team has something to play for in the final weeks of the season (and I don't think you could ever really have a big enough top flight that we wouldn't be in danger of relegation from- we're one of the smallest full time teams in the country), but let's have a look at the alternatives:
One major stumbling block with going to a 14 team league is that there's a UEFA directive that top tiers shouldn't play more than 38 regular season games- there's no way of getting round that (and if you think that a 7-7 split is a viable option, go and watch the entirety of West Germany v Austria from the 1982 World Cup and get back to me)
The main issues with 16 team leagues is that without some sort of split you're only getting 15 home games, which would mean you'd have to offer a substantial discount on the price of season tickets compared to the 18/19/20 games you get justnow, with no obvious way of making up that funding shortfall (and any sort of split is just going to leave several weeks of meaningless games). Anything beyond 16, and you're going to end up with part-time teams in the top flight being either slaughtered every week, or spending way beyond their means to try and be competitive
"The heart of the club is the fan. The board and the chairman are custodians. The staff are transient. But the fan is there forever"

Roy Macgregor, April 2013
I'm glad MacGregor is voting against this new 14-10-10-10 idea for next season, as there are just far too many unanswered questions.

Let's discuss the proposal and give ourselves the opportunity to see what the best way forward is. If it proves to be a good idea and clubs can support it then let's get in place for the following season. To rush into this without so many questions been answered purely to save Hearts is wrong imo.
Any reconstruction should be put in place for the season after next.
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