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Football and Sports memories
Hi to RCFC blog fans. Sports memories (formerly football memories) headed by Alzheimer Scotland supported by Ross County Football Club has recommenced our monthly sessions in the Community Pod at the global Energy Stadium in Dingwall. We aim to engage people with a diagnosis of dementia in a session of a couple of hours of remembering our sports heritage and bringing to life our memories of significant sports events. We all have them. Remember Henry Coopers fight with Mohammed Ali when he knocked him on the floor and then lost the match in a bloody encounter? Can you remember Red Rum - Grand National winner - so - how many times did he win? What happened to Shergar? Who or what was Hercules…?

Our quiz, and items from sporting events as well as “spot the ball” are vital components of interest to re awaken memories and indeed passions and remembered good humour from events experienced by us all as we grew up. We have a stadium walk-about coming up. A potential contest with Inverness football memories group and other activities are also in the pipeline. You even get a mighty Deas pie (donated by William) or a half orange, tea, coffee or bovril at half time. Oh - just about forgot - i can’t buy a shinty ball in town so - has anyone out there got one?

We meet on the last Wednesday afternoon every month.

If you know of anyone who would like to join us for the crack then contact Amanda or Gail at Dingwall 01349 808650

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