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A Bairn in Budapest
hi guys, sorry for gate crashing your forum, I'm a Falkirk Bairn for my sins. I'm looking for some advice on our pre season trip to Budapest and noticed that Ross County have been there a couple of times in the past. I was wondering if anyone on this forum had been over following the Staggies, and if so could give me some advice as regards travel between Budapest and Globall pitches, facilities for supporters and just anything in particular. Details from Falkirk at the moment are very vague as it's an agent that's handling things. Cheers
You've come to the right place.  A few of us have been out there both years that County have, myself included.  More than happy to pass on our experience to you.


It's a great city with lots to see and do.  Hotels were reasonably well-priced the first year, but with the pound plummeting, were more expensive last year so we booked an apartment through Air BnB instead which was a pretty good way to go.  It's hot and humid, so don't try and save money by booking somewhere that doesn't have air conditioning.  You'll regret it!

Check out the ruin bars dotted around the city.  They're pretty cheap and the standard lager is no worse than Tennent's.  It's a little clichéd for Brits abroad, but the Caledonia Scottish Pub is very welcoming and has a lot of Scottish football memorabilia on the walls.

Get a guide book and plan to see some of the sights.  There's more to see than you can reasonably do in a week, so you'll need to prioritise based on your interests.  It's worth setting aside an afternoon to visit one of the public baths, especially if it's hot and/or you're hungover.

I'm not sure which week Falkirk are going to be there but have a look at the Europa League and Champions League qualifiers.  There's a few teams in Budapest so there's a decent chance you'll be able to catch one of them.  We saw Ferencvaros in their impressive new stadium two years ago.  Sort out tickets in advance as there's various anti-hooligan measures in place which meant we had to register (for free) as club members and give our palm prints for security purposes!.


The Globall Sport and Wellness Hotel is anything up to an hour in a taxi from Budapest depending on traffic and how lost the driver gets.  If you fill the taxi it's a reasonable price each (can't remember how much now, tbh).  It's in quite a rural setting and there's no train service.  Get someone with decent English to book the taxi for you (your hotel receptionist, or the bar staff at the aforementioned Caledonia bar - a good place to meet pre-match) as where you want to go will take a bit of explaining.  Don't leave booking it to the last minute as taxis can sometimes take a while to arrive.

The complex is more like a hotel than a football stadium.  You arrive at the reception and need to walk past the dressing rooms to reach the pitches out the back.  There's a small stand alongside the main pitch.  Assuming there's only a few of you and you act sensibly, you should be fine just to head through.  We cracked open a carryout in the stand each time and no one ever complained.

After the game, the reception staff are happy to order taxis for you to head back to Budapest.  They take a while to arrive so if you ask nicely, they'll open the bar upstairs for you while you wait.

There were never more than 20 County fans the four times I've been to Telki so we never had any problems with there being too many of us.  I don't know if Falkirk will take more than us or not, but it's worth noting that Luton Town were there at the same time as us last year and they had to specifically ask their fans not to travel.  Obviously, Luton fans have a bit of a reputation, and as it's possible to fly to Budapest from Luton for £30 they would have taken quite a few over.  The hotel isn't geared up to accommodate any kind of stewarding etc so they were clear that if any Luton fans turned up for games then they wouldn't be able to go ahead.  I'd suggest getting Falkirk to confirm fans will definitely be allowed to attend before you make any arrangements, just in case!

If you've got any more questions, feel free to ask away.  County haven't confirmed if they're going back again this year, but I'm sure if McIntyre is still in charge he'll at least want to go if he gets the budget for it.  I've spoken to him both years out there and he waxes lyrical about the place.  I'll be giving it a miss though.  As much as I enjoyed it the last two years, taking my summer holiday in the same place three years in a row is a bit much!
For a moment there with the topic title "A Bairn in Budapest" I was fully expecting some Hungarian woman looking for her 3 month old kids Dad!
Thanks for all the info Forfinn! It's very much appreciated. Barrhead travel are the official sponsors of this, so I've got a funny feeling their could be quite a few going. They're doing official 5 day packages. I'm going solo, as I could only get 3 days off work. Am booked into a hostel in the city which suits my purpose. Interesting news about the possibility of not letting fans in. I never even thought about that. Have been doing a bit of rummaging, and you're right about the Europa league dates. 1st round, 2nd leg will be on when we're there (3rd to 7th July). Only issue is that the Thursday that Falkirk have pencilled a game in, is the same day that the Europa league game is. If possible, I'd like to try a double header. I noticed that both of County's games this season were 6pm ko's. If we're the same, it would kick my plans into touch. Good possibility of 3 Budapest clubs qualifying for the Europa league (all going in at the 1st round). Checked this season's entries, and they all looked like afternoon ko's. Plenty of possibilities at the moment, but nothing concrete. I was surprised to hear that the Globall complex was as far out of the city. I heard it was 15km out, and thought nothing of jumping in a taxi for a 20 minute ride. I might have to think about that one again. This'll be my first trip to Hungary, but I've followed the Bairns pre season for a few years now and do a bit of ground hopping. Thankfully, I've got an understanding missus who cuts me a bit of slack. It's been a pleasure speaking to you, and with a big slice of luck, maybe the Bairns will be playing the Staggies next season. Cheers.
I went last year and it was a great trip, brilliant city.
5 of us shared a taxi and I think it took 30-40mins, only 15 or so miles but depends on traffic, and if a 6pm ko you're trying to get out of the city during rush hour. I cant remember the cost, £30? but confirm with driver first.
Get it marked in google maps though and check you're going in the right direction, a few of our guys ended up going 30mins in the opposite direction..

Highlights of our 2nd game are here, so you can get a feel of what it looks like, more of a hotel with training pitches, so no point going out there early expecting pubs etc.. 


Many thanks for the replies guys. Your I put has been greatly appreciated.

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