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Ross-shire Football Memories 2017
Our Football Memories Group (Alzheimer Scotland and SFA collaboration) was successful last year - we stopped for the winter season - travel issues - but after hibernation we resume on March 29th 2017.  Once again Ross County are hosting us in the Community Pod.  The meetings will be on the last Wednesday every calendar month.  Kick off is 2.30 pm.  It lasts 1 hr 30 mins.  We have two halves with pies bovril, teas, coffees and fruit for healthy folk.   Smile

Our resource is continually expanding, with experience and the help of the people who attend.  We do a spot the ball contest,  We have football quizzes.  We have old photo cards from the SFA ( and English Leagues) In 2017 depending on the background of folk attending we will introduce new sporting links - So Mohammed Ali,  Tiger Woods,  and others may arise.  The format will change with the aims of those  attending the group - flexibility is good.

Dementia is a factor touching many lives today.  People are resourceful, and courageous but most of all are better equipped if the Community rallies and supports them.  Excluding people is not an option. Remembering times past that were special in our lives can be fruitful and life affirming especially when shared amongst peers and friends.  But new experiences and shared adventures are also rewarding and  spending time in the company of others even for a short time can be rewarding.  Living in the moment , day to day, amongst people who respect and support each other, is a tonic.   

So if you think you might want to get involved either by attending the group or referring someone you know to us, make contact please.  If you have any memorabilia ( we have an old leather football ), such as a tin of dubbin, old shin pads,  old boots, photos,  or even personal stories of old matches/ teams you have been involved in then this could be very special to our Group.  I know that the guys attending will appreciate any "reaching out" from the Community that will bring even a small measure of  the pleasurable memories that the beautiful game or other sports imparted to them in their lives.

You can make contact through the Dingwall Dementia Resource Centre,  Athole Court, Dingwall,  tel number 01349 808650  and ask for Iris Carrisson or Amanda Hay 

Thank you Ross County  and the fans, for your resources and support to our cause.  Thanks William Deas for the donated pies.  Tongue

Jim Farquhar

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