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Nutmeg: The Scottish Football Periodical
Some of you may be familiar with The Blizzard (and if you're not, you should be).  Well, a couple of guys are trying to set up a similar publication covering Scottish football - Nutmeg.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, Nutmeg set it out like this:

Quote:We intend to launch a publication devoted to Scottish football. Our aim is to create something completely new in Scotland - a football publication that is all about the writers, the writing, and great stories told at length.

We want to give writers the scope to cover stories and issues in a way that newspapers or magazines just don’t do. We want writers to have the freedom to write expansively and on topics that are not determined by the all-too familiar news agenda.

We have taken inspiration from other quality football publications such as Offside and The Blizzard and plan a similar format, somewhere between a book and a magazine. Like The Blizzard it will be all about the writing.

They have established a Kickstarter page with the aim of raising £10,000 to get up and running.  They're almost there, but the more pledges they receive the better they can make it, and establish a digital version more quickly rather than just print.  The fundraiser has another 11 days left to run.


The site has a list of "established names" who have backed the project, featuring our very own [email=John@THHP]John@THHP[/email].  I wouldn't presume to speak on John's behalf, but who wouldn't love to see some of his tactical analysis appear in print, or the tale of Ross County's League Cup victory?

Given the decline in the quality of journalism being peddled by our ailing newspaper industry, this could be a great opportunity for something decent to be produced.  I'd recommend giving it a shot and backing it if you can.
For anyone interested, the Nutmeg Kickstarter campaign has been a success. They've raised £14,600 from 432 backers and are off to build a website so more folk can subscribe. The first editions are expected to be delivered at the end of August. Should be worth reading.

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