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Ross County and Football Memories
Football Memories 2016   Idea
This joint campaign by Alzheimer Scotland the SFA and Ross County FC is designed to tap into and explore deeply held memories within the minds of people affected by dementia and is powerfully effective.  Being a volunteer and listening to the shared passions of the beautiful game and getting “barrie craic” with guys (women too are welcomed of course! ), recalling football memories and other experiences is warmly enriching. It brings a new respect and admiration for the folk  who are living amongst us with this condition.  The rich and dynamic history of Scottish football, Ross County FC, the Highland League & Junior teams can be revived in our sessions held in the Global Energy Stadium for our 2016 season.  We know that being part of this friendly group brings a sense of achievement and self worth to people living with dementia.
The craic often extends far beyond footy (just like you hear amongst the crowd in the jail end).  Shinty, golf, and always referees will come  up in group chat.
If you know someone who is even mildly into football and might benefit, please feel free to get in touch for more information and contacts.  You can always come along and give it a try – why not take a friend?. 
 We know there are amazing players , managers and even referees (bless!) out there.  If you are into your football and want to download  your experiences please contact us, or use this thread, or you can come along and chat to the guys as a one off – tell us your story!.  We have had visits (and selfies) with captain Andrew Davies and from coach Stephen Ferguson.  These events will get better and more valuable for everyone as we develop our local community involvement. If you have old photos, medals, programmes, kit or other memorabilia then these can form the basis of free flowing blether amongst  the lads and lassies in the group.
We have a meeting place (The Community Pod), close to the Global Energy pitch.  We watch video clips and even have pies tea or Bovril at half time.  We have the chance of a stadium tour.  This addictive combination, meeting new mates, and the “craic”  are essential elements of  rewiring memories for some of the guys and can be really important to enhancing the quality of life of those living with dementia. 
RCFC  v  The Hibees ? …. Ole ole ole -  Cmon the Staggies !.   Get into them!!.

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