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Gambling w/c 13th
Thread for any tips or bets people fancy this week

Alright Coop. Good racing this Thursday, some nice horses out at Newmarket but since its the start of the season i'm going to give it a miss. Watching brief. Better sticking to the handicaps in the evening. I think mullionheir will give the 7:20 at Chelmsford a miss after tonights win at Kempton Park and that will leave the race wide open for my selection
St Paul's square

To pick up his first win of the season, 1pt win for me. Who knows what price after the Fav is pulled out, but even if it's not 6/1 available now is a fair price if he takes his chance.

Gl Everyone.
All your base are belong to us
Oh well no luck with that one, Poor race to be honest.

Nothing on the horses for me tomorrow. But i do think Preston are a decent price at 8/11 away from home vs Port Vale. PV have conceaded at least one goal most of the season at home and Pr have scored at least one goal away in 80 odd % of games.

Good enough for me 1pt
All your base are belong to us
Can't believe Preston on friday night, thats football for you!

Try again today with Rayo Vallecano 4/5 vs Almeria. Basically Ameria are terrible and Rayo have won their last few matches at home, baring a 2-0 defeat from Cronaldo and his cronies.

All your base are belong to us
Pacquiao to win in the 8th round 33-1, i just had to stick a wee fiver on that :-)
I've gone QOS away to Livvy 12/5, Real Madrid away to Sevilla evens and Bayern Munich away to Bayer Leverkusen 9/4, £110 back on a £5 bet.

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