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Scotland's national team
If NI fail to qualify, I think Michael O'Neil is a great shout.

I'm not sure if he'd be keen to work with our muppets at the SFA though!
James McFadden has warned that Scotland risk losing out on top target Michael O'Neill if they do not move swiftly for the Northern Ireland manager. McFadden thinks it is vital to have a new manager in place soon.
Brian Mcculloch Glasgow - Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.
There's a decision expected tomorrow from the SFA over whether they're going to stay at Hampden (possibly buying it from Queens Park and/or redeveloping it) or moving showpiece games to Murrayfield.

Personally, I'd like to see big games (cup finals and important internationals) played at Murrayfield, with smaller games (semi finals featuring smaller teams and international friendlies) played at appropriately-sized stadia elsewhere in the country. Murrayfield is a far superior stadium to Hampden, with better atmosphere, facilities and transport links.

I've had some great experiences at Hampden, but have always felt they were in spite of Hampden, not because of it. It's a right pain to get to and from (queuing for 45 mins in the snow for a train after a midweek defeat to Wales is a personal lowlight) and it barely generates an atmosphere, with fans being so far from the pitch.

I've got no sense of nostalgia towards Hampden because I'm too young to remember it before it was redeveloped last time, and even if I did remember it, that's not really a case to just keep going with it.

I could be persuaded by a comprehensive redevelopment plan, including improved transport links and the dropping of the embarassing notion of Celtic and Rangers ends. However, it's not clear where the finance would come from to do that so I'm not sure how likely it is.

What would others like to see happen?
(10-13-2015, 08:58 PM)frankthetank Wrote: I just don't see the fact that there isn't an obvious replacement to Strachan as a reason to reward him with an extended contract, it smacks of rewarding failure imo.

Personally I'd like to see Steve Clarke offered the job, he's a renowned top coach and has done at the highest level and without the day to day club manager stuff to deal with like the buying and selling of players I think he could do a good job.  A big plus for me would be that he has no old firm connection, so i'd hope he would pick players on merit not reputation.

There you go, I knew I'd posted it it somewhere!

Almost 4 years ago I was calling for Clarke to be named Scotland manager, the SFA really are slow off the mark aren't they!

What's are folks thoughts on the appointment then?
Very pleased with the decision- has done wonders with Kilmarnock, hopefully will do the same for the national side.
She never meant to call,
She did anyway
Yeah, it's impossible not to be hugely impressed with the transformation that has happened at Killie under Clarke. If he can replicate that with Scotland who knows where we can get to.

It's scary to be even a little optimistic as a Scotland fan isn't it.
It's been about a decade since I've had any optimism regarding the national side.
She never meant to call,
She did anyway
C'mon Scotland let's do this!
I think that there are already signs of the new regime having a positive influence. While the performances were not startling at least everyone seemed to know their own job and be able to do it.
Even that's a big change from the end of Eck's sad return.
Three massive games in September which will either set us on the road or mean that a lot of international careers will come to the end.

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