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Ajax v AZ
The game was abandoned today after AZ coach pulled his players off after the keeper was sent out.

However, he was sent off for violent conduct after kicking (twice) an Ajax fan who had run onto the pitch.

Link : http://m.youtube.com/watch?desktop_uri=%...N1s8&gl=GB

Was the ref right to send off the keeper?


Was AZ's coach correct to take his players off.

Wonder what punishment all clubs will face from Dutch FA
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The weird and wonderful of world football is fascinating! like that time where a keeper and a player decided to score a goal into their own net, to force the game into penalties (in africa somewhere). Anyway, this is quite serious.

The Keeper has the right to go to work in a safe environment without the threat of violence, he also has the right to defend himself. But he can't go kicking into someone like that, it was violent conduct and should have been red carded, steward's should have caught him before he got that far though! Cantona got banned for 6 months I think for attacking the Crystal Palace fan, so the Dutch FA may impose a hefty ban, not to mention the law.

The most serious point is that the manager took his team off the pitch, and is effectivley forfeiting the match. But I fear he may have set a precident, where the manager doesn't agree with a red card, and then the baw is well and truly burst. It's like when you are a kid, someguy stomps off with the ball cos its his ball and he didnt agree the ball went over the invisable crossbar.
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Q - Was the ref right to send the keeper off?

A - I believe yes, according to the rules of the game. It would be hard to argue otherwise...I think kicking the fan twice while on the ground leaves little wiggle room for the ref.

Was the keeper right to do what he did? Well I can not say 100% that I would have been able to walk away if some random nutjob rushes out from the crowd while I was playing football and attempts to kick me in the head. I think I would have put a few sly kicks in as well....maybe a racking down the back of the calf with the studs would have been better.

Q - Was AZ's coach correct to take his players off.

A - Yes, if he felt that his players safety was not guaranteed. Emotions would be running high, the other players would have seen there team mate attacked and then sent off (unjustly in their view) so who knows what could have happened, most likely nothing but it was a dry powder keg scenario with a shortened fuse and a lot of matches waiting to be struck.

FTR, Kudos on the almost Jedi like senses of the keeper who turned just at the right moment and not only defended but also countered the attack in a move that even Darth Vader himself would have called 'impressive'.

As for the fan who attacked the keeper.....not the brightest of characters. The keeper seemed to be twice the size and built like a brickhouse and was from South America. Us keepers aren't the most stable (mentally) at the best of times, add in the Latin temperament (or lack of) and he was always going to get some sort of retribution from the keeper.

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Whats this got to do with County?
I Would have laid into the nugget too if someone ran onto the pitch and tried to scissor kick my head.

Id back the keeper.

9 out of 10 keepers would have probably done the same.

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