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What you think about kenya
My friends have decided to visit Kenya next months including me. I have little information about it. Has anyone a tourist in this community? Or have you any knowledge about this region? So let me shares with me.
While Kenya is a comparatively safe African destination, there are still plenty of pitfalls for the inexperienced traveler.

Be careful eating meat outside of the higher end lodges. Sometimes the quality level, or the cooking style, don‘t suit foreign stomachs. Remember that the small things (biting wasps, acacia thorns) are often more dangerous than the Big Five, so come prepared with spray and long pants.Just over the border in Tanzania is Mt Kilimanjaro, which many travelers to Kenya also visit. It can be very, very cold on summit day before the sun rises. Bring warm clothes and you'll enjoy the summit all the much more, and prevent getting a cold on the way down.

Nairobi isn't the best place to wander around as a Muzungu. Keep your street smarts about you.
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