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The Highland League
Remember when we were playing there. I remember going to Victoria park when Sandy Wallace was gaffer, sneaking into the old blue wooden stand at half time. Crowds back then were a few hundred, but they are close to my heart.
I love how far we've become but am so proud of our Highland League roots. Finest moment was winning the title back in 91 with Sir Bob at the helm - what a party in the social club that night.
So there's a little piece on a blog I maintain here you might want to read all about the Highland League
If this is a place for reminicing, I used to enjoy watching the match then heading back to the cottage bar in Maryburgh to play pool with the likes of Barry Wilson and Brian Grant.

Also enjoyed playing for Castletown and would regularly travel down from Caithness to play in regional tournaments at Victoria Park. Happy days indeed.
They were [censored] at pool...

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