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Poll: Should Scotland be an Independant County?
21 61.76%
13 38.24%
Total 34 votes 100%
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Aye or Naw
(09-19-2014, 10:52 AM)wemyss77 Wrote: How many of the folk that voted no actually believe Westminster will keep its promise??
Going by some of the folk i spoke to today.....quite a fewHuh

(09-17-2014, 09:01 PM)staggie2509 Wrote: Just a tad concerned that the hatred/bitterness could escalate between the rests of the UK and Scotland due to the UK potentially dipping back into ressiosion due to the value of the pound flat-lining. We may think that we'll be England, Wales and Northern Irelands best friend after a YES vote, but will they view things in the same way......or will they see the Scots as the people who broke up the UK.

Scotland is an ageing population, we need to be able to pay to care for the elderly and those who can't work, and those who simply won't work - not a small burden for 5m people!
Re the hatred/bitterness my 1st thought about the numpty who thought Andy Murray should've been killed in Dunblane just because he backed Yes was that the Police should throw the book at him, however i now think that he should be taken to Dunblane and sat down in front of all the families affected by that tragedy and explain himself to themAngryAngryAngry

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