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Public Sector Strikes
Are any of you on the picket line? Been affected by the strikes?

I haven't been past any public buildings so the only thing I have noticed is that I got to work quicker than usual.
Supply and demand.

I lost £7k in the first year of the credit crunch. You dont see me on a picket line.

Can't say I know enough about it to have any strong feelings about it one way or the other. What I would say though, is that the country's economy is a giant [censored] sandwich and the public sector aren't the only ones to take a bite.

They certainly have strength in numbers when it comes to industrial action and it is easy to romantacise the situation with extremes such as wealthy bankers versus hero firemen.

Working longer for less money is not the reserve of the public servant, though I can quite understand why they feel hard done by, as I do anyone else who has lost out over the past 3/4 years.
I work for the NHS in a psychiatric hospital in Northumberland and I refused to strike. It's all very well people wanting pay increases and safer pensions, that I understand and sympathise with but where do they think the money will come from? Britain is broke. The only place will be increased taxes. Plus, I could never withdraw from being available to support my patients on the grounds of money.

(formerly named Geordieland Staggie).

Registered member since March 2003.
You could never accuse Jeremy Clarkson of being subtle and his remarks were pretty OTT.
But the politically correct furore is equally overdone. At the end of the day his trademark is to shock and entertain which he does brilliantly.Big Grin
The only thing that shocks me about that tosspot Clarkson is how some people still listen to him. As ever, he forms an opinion without knowing the full facts and comes out looking like an idiot. What he doesn't mention is his huge BBC salary, paid for by the taxpayer, so he can just drive cars.

(formerly named Geordieland Staggie).

Registered member since March 2003.

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