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Media & BBC reporting
Ive just been back onto the BBC's SPFL webpage and just noticed that of the 11 main articles posted since 25th May 9 are directly related to Celtic 2 are general and mention Celtic and one is about Hibs!!!! WTF is going on in the Scottish media - they might as well rename it the BBC SPFCeltic page. The rank laziness of reporting in Scotland amazes and depresses me.
When Sevco went South I stupidly thought it would force the media to start concentrating on all the other clubs DOOHHH.
Surely supporters of other clubs must get riled by this or am I the only one that doesn't give a toss what Tic are doing. Rant over for a few mins Angry Angry
Can't believe you thought it would change.

(06-24-2014, 08:03 PM)IDW16 Wrote: Can't believe you thought it would change.
Ever the optimist.
There are so many genuinely interesting things happening outside the OF bubble how can the reporters who are so called fans not report it.
Yes I understand that Tic have the biggest Fan Base in the SPFL but on average last season they got circa 47K 38% of the SPFL weekly attendance. The rest of the league brought in 75K+ 62%, I know its over simplified but to my mind the BBC are ignoring 62% of SPFL supporters.
What you are looking for is reporting on Scottish Football as the news subject. Never going to happen!

Given that newspapers need to sell their product aiming their product at the clubs with the biggest market share is always going to be the way. When you have the two biggest clubs in Scotland in the west of Scotland -an inevitable bias. Hence no surprise that what is news in Dingwall, Inverness and Aberdeen just doesn't sell papers in Glasgow. Sorry but that's life in the SPFL. Try buying the Ross-shire and listening to MFR instead. Potential to lower the blood pressure there.

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