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Conon & Maryburgh Christmas Scout post
This Saturday 7th Dec Conon & Maryburgh Scout Group are holding their Christmas Scout post.
It's on from 10am until 12 noon in Conon church hall and the Amenities hall in Maryburgh, the idea being that they'll deliver Christmas cards in Conon and Maryburgh for 15p per card(saving you 35p on a 2nd class stamp) Big Grin
If you have friends or relatives living within the 30mph signs in both villages and would like to support our Scout group then pop along to the above venues where our Cubs and Scouts will take your cards and sort them to then be handed out to be delivered over the next few days by Cubs/Scouts(and their parents)
All we ask is that you put clear names and address's on the envelopes so we can successfully deliver these cards for you.

Thank you in advance for anyone who takes up this offer.

P.S. Maryburgh Brownies are also holding a Christmas fair and a Teas/coffee and cake sale in the Maryburgh Amenities Hall at the same time.
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If anyone on here came along today thank you very much, as far as i'm aware both the Scout group and the Brownies did very well and raised quite a bit of money to help pay for various activities Smile
Just a wee post to say that This years Christmas post is this Sat the 13th Dec at the same time and same places, Thank you in advance if anyone helps support our cubs and scouts and also the brownies by buying their teas!!
Just realised that I didn't mention this the last 2 years, however the Scout post is on again this Sat 9th Dec in Maryburgh amenities hall and Conon's church hall from 10am until 12pm. There will also be Tea/coffee, mincemeat pies and shortbread for sale at both venues. Maryburgh Brownies are also having a christmas fair at the same time at the amenities hall.
Cards will be delivered in time for Christmas by Beavers, Cubs and Scouts in Conon and Maryburgh.
While this is primarily a fundraiser for both groups it also helps with the community spirit in both villages especially after someone ransacked Maryburgh hall and damaged alot of the goods the Brownies had made for their sale, so thanks in advance for any support shown to our kids and their groups.

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