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think there should maybe a bus to the hamilton game
i think there should be a bus the the 1st away game of the season as it is hamilton id dont know how amy pepole would wont to go to that game though.
Probably would be a decent amount of interest in this since we've not played Hamilton away in quite a few years.
i was thiking that 2 but we will have to wait and see
I'll be going via train from Carlisle.

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Would defo head down for that one if there was a bus heading down
think the bus would be full if there was one going but like i said we will have to wait and see i also think it be a good game to try and get a good away crowd at
(07-25-2011, 07:56 PM)proudtobeastaggie Wrote: think the bus would be full if there was one going but like i said we will have to wait and see i also think it be a good game to try and get a good away crowd at

its good if everyone who says they are going actually goes.

I was always a regular on the buses but by the end there was next to nobody actually going on them despite high "interest". Unfortunently at the end of the day, the bus still had to get paid, and it was usually the supporters clubs who got hit the hardest. Can understand not being much buses actually going to games.
The thing is it's harder to get a full bus to away games if they only run a bus a couple times a season max. There are 20 odd fans who go to every away game by train due to lack of buses these days so they probably already have their tickets booked to most away games months in advance.

I mind when we were in the 2nd Division the club ran a bus to every away game except Ayr and Berwick. Since there was a bus at basically every away game that season there was more demand and more publicity about the buses.
The costs of running a bus to games has gone throught he roof in the last couple of years, due to fuel costs.

Back in season 2007-8 when we were running buses to just about every game, we got a deal through the bus company that gave us a set fee to all grounds, and that cost was around £350 per game/bus.

After speaking to the members it was feed back that people wouldn't pay any more than £12 per seat, so that ment that the bus would only break even if 30 people travelled.

That season we were doing well and winning just about all games, and we did manage to average that figure - some buses we filled, some buses we barely had 15 people, but it covered costs.

The following season the cost of diesel went up, and bus prices rose to around £450 per game meaning we would have to raise seat prices to around £15 and keep the 30 people average.
The price increase saw people stop going (maybe also the fact we had a poorer season), and week after week the supporters club was loosing money, so buses were cancelled a couple of days before the game, which ment people who were wanting to go, were then having to arrange alternative transport, and normally at more expensive prices due to the late booking.

It was then decided that buses would run to selective games only, but the regular travellers were wary that the bus may be cancelled, so were booking the cheap train tickets in advance, so the numbers looking to go on the bus were further reduced - and again buses were cancelled.
(I'm not blaming anyone here, as I was also one of the people who organised the early train tickets so wasn't using the bus)

The price of diesel has continued to rise, I've not actually looked at prices this year, but last season they were looking for over £500 a bus - I assume it'll be near £600 now - which would mean £20 a seat minimum if we could meet the 30 people average (which is harder than it may sound !)

If you've got a family of 3 travelling - it's cheaper to take the car !

The driver hours is also a problem - As soon as a bus is being announced as being run everyone wants picked up at their house, but with the limit on the driver's hours (this was changed a couple of years ago I believe) we could only manage a pick-up/drop-off at Victoria Park. But some wanted in via Muir, Munlochy, Connon etc. and then when the bus wouldnt go there they used to stop going because they still had to drive after getting off the bus at night - I assume these people were looking at having to stay sober for the entire day then (again back to cheaper taking the car)

I hope that gives an insight into why the buses stopped running - but I'd be all for the buses going on a regular basis, but given the costs I can't see it happening this year.
I know at least 5 people that would definitely go to the hamilton game if that helps.

I can't go as I'm working but maybe someone should phone the club to arrange this soon if there is a decent amount of interest.
I e-mailed the club about the possibility of a bus running to the game, and I got this helpful reply:

Quote:I'll certainly raise this with the Board for you, although given the cost of buses it is something which we and the Black Isle Supporters Club have found increasingly difficult to do as it requires the bus to be full of people paying at least £12 each just to break even.

If it is something we are able to do then in addition to putting it up on our own website I will e-mail you to let you know.

Hopefully something can be arranged despite the problematic circumstances.
thtas great news
Any word of a bus heading down to the game?
There won't be a bus running down to the game unfortunately.
mega bus is the next best thing Smile

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