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John Hughes
Well well well , many on here will be happy to know that John Hughes has left the club to explore other footballing opportunities, personally liked him but maybe best time to get a new guy in as Hughes tactics were hard to comprehend at times , could see him at Caley or Falkirk , as for us I hope we go for Stephen Robinson or bring back Derek Adams
Derek MacInnes?

Was suspicious when I saw him with John Collins at Fir Park. It was he who brokered the deal for him to come to County. Think he must have another gig lined up!
Well I'm gutted he's gone........ok that's a lie. Good riddance to a bang average manager with a poor record af signing players.
County needs a rebuild and I wasn't confident he was capable of that.
Thanks for keeping us up but bye, see ya, and don't let the door hit you on the [censored] on the way out.
Dont sit on the fence Jamie!

Is Derek Macinnes out of our league?
Derek McInnes for me too. Joined Aberdeen when they were struggling at the bottom of the league and rebuild them to a successful team. I understand budgets are different but he's got a good record in recruitment and that's top of the list in what's required at County IMO.
Aye Jamie!
The club should have stuck with John Hughes.

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