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Boxing Day v Hibs - StuartTaylor - 11-23-2012

Surely we can get a couple of buses to Hibs on Boxing Day?
Great excuse to escape the family and the leftover Turkey!!

I think the Carrick Knowe pub was planning to invite us again.

RE: Boxing Day v Hibs - dawyckstag - 11-25-2012

We got a great reception at the Carrick Knowe before the Hearts game, i'd love to go but don't think the boss would like me leaving her at home with the kids after the carnage of Christmas day!!

RE: Boxing Day v Hibs - dingwall.cof - 11-30-2012

I would be up for this, as long as the bus doesn't stop at the Letham (thanks for your hospitality over the years, but its from a different era) ! Supporters bus has the captive audience for this one as public transport simply doesn't exist.

RE: Boxing Day v Hibs - StuartTaylor - 12-13-2012

Supporters bus available to book now on-line or via phone.
And stopping at the Carrick Knowe in Edinburgh, not Perth.