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Killie away 10th Nov - Haitch - 10-09-2012

I know it is a long way off but do you think there will be a supporters bus coming down?

I am flying up for this one and can't wait to finally see us in the SPL in person.

RE: Killie away 10th Nov - StuartTaylor - 10-09-2012

Hope so! New stadium for me.

RE: Killie away 10th Nov - theweehighlander - 10-18-2012

Indeed, im not making the trek from Aberdeen so decided to come back to Dingwall the night before in the hopes of jumping on a supporters bus!!

RE: Killie away 10th Nov - StuartTaylor - 10-29-2012

Here you go:


RE: Killie away 10th Nov - Spain - 10-29-2012

Planning this one, but haven't joined the BISC yet. How easy is it to join?

RE: Killie away 10th Nov - StuartTaylor - 10-30-2012

Just send details and fee to the address here:

I notice this bus isn't available to book online, wonder if they were having problems with non-members booking the cheaper option, mistakenly or not.