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John Hughes - Monthestaggies98 - 05-24-2021

Well well well , many on here will be happy to know that John Hughes has left the club to explore other footballing opportunities, personally liked him but maybe best time to get a new guy in as Hughes tactics were hard to comprehend at times , could see him at Caley or Falkirk , as for us I hope we go for Stephen Robinson or bring back Derek Adams

RE: John Hughes - USSR Tycoon - 05-24-2021

Derek MacInnes?

Was suspicious when I saw him with John Collins at Fir Park. It was he who brokered the deal for him to come to County. Think he must have another gig lined up!

RE: John Hughes - jamiepscot - 05-24-2021

Well I'm gutted he's gone........ok that's a lie. Good riddance to a bang average manager with a poor record af signing players.
County needs a rebuild and I wasn't confident he was capable of that.
Thanks for keeping us up but bye, see ya, and don't let the door hit you on the [censored] on the way out.

RE: John Hughes - Pete The Jakey - 05-24-2021

Dont sit on the fence Jamie!

Is Derek Macinnes out of our league?

RE: John Hughes - jamiepscot - 05-24-2021

Derek McInnes for me too. Joined Aberdeen when they were struggling at the bottom of the league and rebuild them to a successful team. I understand budgets are different but he's got a good record in recruitment and that's top of the list in what's required at County IMO.

RE: John Hughes - MOGO - 05-26-2021

Aye Jamie!
The club should have stuck with John Hughes.