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Patrick Away Saturday 1st April - VanderDalgarno - 03-29-2017

We've a trip to Firhill on Saturday to take on the high-flying Maryhill Magyars. As ever, there'll be a decent contingent of us Central crew heading along- our plans are as follows, feel free to join us at any point:
11:30am grab a bite to eat and a pint in the Counting House, just across from Queen Street station
12:30pm head to the Woodside Inn on Maryhill Road (approximately 10 minutes walk from the ground). Nearest underground stationsĀ are St George's Cross or Kelvinbridge
Post-match, we'll probably head back to the Woodside

Give us a shout on here or on Twitter @centralstaggies if you fancy joining us for what's usually a good away day

RE: Patrick Away Saturday 1st April - StuartTaylor - 03-29-2017

Wouldn't mind a pint or 5 in the Woodside and a song to annoy the regulars, but will see what time the bus arrives. Presumably pit-stop at Letham as usual.