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theft - kenthehood - 07-17-2015

My van was broken into last night on Hood street in Maryburgh.

If any one is offered a Husqvarna k760 Masonry saw

Dewalt 18v power drill or Top con laser level,or heard of anything can they give me a phone please.


RE: theft - Pete The Jakey - 07-17-2015

Man that sucks. A fortnight ago 3-4 premises were broken into in Dingwall, then I read same thing happened in Evanton. Now your van. Keep an eye on ebay, never know.

In the meantime, lock up your garages folks, there's minks about.

RE: theft - StuartTaylor - 07-19-2015

Another staggie I know had 2 bikes stolen from his shed a couple of weekends ago, Maryburgh I think.

I suspect it's not minks...

RE: theft - kenthehood - 07-21-2015

two more vans, one in Muir of Ord and the other in Beauly were broken into on Sunday night. Work tools were taken from both. must be a gang on the go.
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