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Killie - Son of Earl. - 02-08-2015

All not well with Magic getting the dunt and players being punted without the management knowing....

Reckon DA could be in with a shout for a kick in here ?

No reason not to appoint Locke full term unless he is planning staying loyal to Magic.

RE: Killie - JailendLoyal - 02-09-2015

Expected them to really struggle after losing Boyd, but they'll stay up comfortably.

Johnston is a good manager at this level and I can't see Kilmarnock getting anyone better in.

RE: Killie - Son of Earl. - 02-09-2015

DA has a better record in management than wee Magic ?

RE: Killie - JailendLoyal - 02-09-2015

(02-09-2015, 10:39 AM)Son of Earl. Wrote: DA has a better record in management than wee Magic ?

Adams would be a good choice to replace Johnston IMO.

I'm not convinced Adams do any better than Johnston though, he was doing a good job there.

RE: Killie - staggie1746 - 02-09-2015

I'd love to see Adams go to Killie just so he can bring his particular style of management to Jamie Hamill. Could be an interesting one.