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County in Europa League ?
Not that we will meet in Europe because we are aiming for the Champions League, but how many Scottish teams can play in the Europa League ?
Looking at the table it seems possible for County to qualify...
Idea Eindhoven de gekste !
I believe the top 3 in the SPL qualify for Europe.

SPL winners Champions League Qualifying Round 2
Runners-up Europa League Qualifying Round 2
Third place Europa League Qualifying Round 2
Scottish Cup winners Europa League Qualifying Round 3

If the winner of the Scottish cup has already qualified for Europe, then 4th place in the league takes one of the Round 2 Qualifying Europa League spots.

So in reality to be certain of Europe you'd need to finish in the top 3, which is a really big ask!
I think the Scottish Cup European place only goes to the next best league position if the winners of the Scottish Cup have qualified for Champions League.

That was the rules for our Scottish Cup run, where we needed Dundee United to finish 2nd for Euro qualification regardless of Cup final result.

May have changed since then.
Well, County have surpassed all our expectations so far and I wouldn't rule out a top 3 finish the way this season is going!
The thread's been started - that's it jinxed then
(02-24-2013, 01:21 PM)RCR Wrote: The thread's been started - that's it jinxed then

Yup fun to speculate but way too early to do it out loud.

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