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Craig Samson's call up for scotland
How come Craig Samson gets an international call up when he has let in 5 league goals for St Midden this year?

Michael Fraser has let in 1 league goal.

So how do they go about picking international players?Dodgy
Who is Craig Samson and what's he got to do with Ross County ?
Maybe you should read past the first part of my post and you might understand what im on about.
(09-10-2012, 06:36 PM)SussexStaggie Wrote: Who is Craig Samson and what's he got to do with Ross County ?

Ginger guy. Played for County a few seasons ago.

I say "played"....
West coast bias.
He's ahead in the queue. Not much between them. Neither are remotely international calibre.
I agree with Mr Henry above. They are both not to the required standard.

Saying that Alan McGregor had a cracking game for Scotland at the weekend and Im usually his biggest critic.

What do I know... What do we all know in general.
I know we should really start panicking if we hear Dowie's getting drafted in too.
The Scotland team base themselves at Mar Hall, near Bishopston. Craig Samson plays for St Mirren. Paisley is six miles from Mar Hall. Any goalkeeper that got called up wasn't going to get anywhere near the first XI, so I suspect Samson was called up more out of convenience than merit. There would have been limited value in calling in someone from further afield.


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