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Livi Vs County / Dundee Vs Falkirk
Currently Livi 0-1 County (Mcmenamenamenamin 38)
Dundee 2-1 Falkirk

Come on ye bairns!

equaliser for livi Sad 1-1
Dundee 3-1 Falkirk

Today's not the day. Ah well.
Livi 1-2 County! (McMenamenamenamenamenamin!!)
Get in. Take a bow that man.
If results stay as they are, Dundee can only beat us on goal difference
So 1 point seals it then
1 point seals it, though if Dundee get anything less than a win against Queens on tuesday then we've won the league without touching a ball.
Livi 1-3 County! Vigurs seals it!
FT Livi 1-3 County
FT Dundee 3-1 Bottling diddies
What was the attendance today?
(04-07-2012, 05:00 PM)falkirkstaggie Wrote: What was the attendance today?

Must have taken a fair crowd down then? Usually lucky for 1200 at livi
another massive step to spl....only a little single point...ayr today was beaten by partick and it's now in the play off spot...but we don't care ! only few days to go...
(04-07-2012, 05:05 PM)falkirkstaggie Wrote: Must have taken a fair crowd down then? Usually lucky for 1200 at livi

I would say we had well over half of the crowd.

It is one of the best games atmosphere wise I have been at. The County fans were amazing.

As was McMenamanaman Smile
Cracking result. Had a slight twinge in my stomach when I saw Boulding's goal flash up on the BBC website but as has been so often this season County rolled up the sleeves and got three points off our former bogey team.

One point to the big league...still not sure if I can believe it!
Not quite half the crowd, but think the official figure was just short of 800 County fans. Great support that travelled down.

Thought the game was fairly even and we played some good stuff that perhaps merited a point, but County are just so clinical and look good value for their place at the top. I guess that was enough for them to deserve the win.

Title fully merited. Hope you all had a decent day out.
what does dbm stand for livifan?
It's means drum beat mafia. Who were easily out drummed today
[Image: Welcometothehighlands-1.jpg]
Today it stood for Downed By McMenamin Smile
(04-07-2012, 11:40 PM)snowball3117 Wrote: what does dbm stand for livifan?
We saw a van in the car park that was DBM building and construction, it could just have been some of them.
Drum beat mafia apparently, couldn't hear their drum though.

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