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Livi. Travel Advice / Parking / Food / Pubs
As some of you will know I have lived in Livingston for a few years now, so know the place really well. Hope this is of some use particularly to the folk that have never been to the stadium.

Road Travel.
It normally takes me about three hours to drive the 170 miles from Dingwall to Livingston - as it did last Saturday. However it would be advisable to factor in at least four hours ‘on the road’ driving time (busy A9 weekend / roadworks / finding your way to the ground).

The quickest way of getting there is via. the M90 over the Forth Road Bridge. Be wary of the average speed cameras (40mph speed limit) for about 5 miles before the FRB and approx. 2 miles after it. The lengthy speed restriction is due to ongoing permanent roadworks relating to the proposed second FRB crossing. The alternative route to Livingston from the Broxden roundabout (A9, down the M9 past Stirling, M8) will add about 50 extra miles onto the return trip. It also takes longer time wise - even taking the M90 roadworks into account.

After crossing the FRB go straight ahead for approx. one mile and take the middle filter lane (signposted M9 / M8 Glasgow). After merging onto the M9 keep following the signs for M8 Glasgow. There is a fixed speed camera under the bridge (40mph) towards the end of the M9. After passing under this bridge keep following the signs for M8 Glasgow. The Livingston turn off is about 8 miles after this point at J3 on the M8. After exiting J3 take the short slip road (first left). This merges onto a dual carriageway (50mph speed limit) that leads to the town centre.

If you want to park directly at the stadium stay in the left lane and exit the dual carriageway after approx. 1 mile (signposted St. John’s Hospital). Keep following the signs for the hospital, drive past the hospital (on your left) and turn left at the first set of traffic lights. Go straight on for about 400m. Turn left into stadium car park. There is a £3 charge for parking there.

If you want to park elsewhere - to grab some food and have a beer(s) - drive straight ahead for approx. two miles after the J3 exit. Take the 5th. exit left (signposted ‘Livingston Designer Outlet’) and follow the road round for about 1 mile - driving past a massive Asda on your left. Park in the multi-storey car park (titled ‘Car Park One’). Parking cost: £1 for up to 3 hours; £2 for up to 4 hours; and £3 for up to 5 hours. If this is busy there are numerous car parks nearby with the same charges. It is only a 5-10 min. walk to the stadium from there.

Food / Pubs.
There is a wide range of food / drink outlets - to suit every taste and budget - within the covered shopping centre which is very close to these parking areas. The cheapest for food / drink is ‘The Almond Bank’ (a Wetherspoons). It is directly underneath the building with the large glass dome on its roof . They do selected draught beers for £1.99 (all day), very cheap burgers and baked potatoes. It is also child friendly. Another Wetherspoons pub (‘The Newyearfield’) is directly opposite - although they don’t let kids in. A Pizzaland, a sit in Chinese and a sit in Indian are immediately next to these pubs. All three are licensed to sell alcohol. There is also a food court directly above them (McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Subway and Harry Ramsdens). Nearby there is a drive thru McDonalds, a Wagamama (Asian food / noodles), Chiquito (spicy Mexican food) and Nandos (Portuguese style chicken).

Another pub (‘The Lime Kiln’) is at the back of the glass domed building. They have a family restaurant and a separate public bar. There is a footpath at the side of this pub that leads directly to the stadium, which is only about 200m away.

‘The Livingston Inn’ (a more traditional pub) can be found in Livingston Village, which is about ¾ of a mile to the west of the ground.

Rail Travel.
There are two different train stations in Livingston. It is easier and quicker to get to the ground - from Edinburgh Haymarket or from Glasgow Queen Street - by going to Livingston North. This journey only takes about 22 mins. from Haymarket (and there are 3 to 4 trains per hour). The stadium is about 1.25 miles to the south of Livingston North and takes about 20 mins. to walk from there. Just follow the signs for the shopping centre / town centre walking next to the main spine road.

‘The Saltire’ pub is about 100m to the north of the station (next to Morrisons). It also does food and has a good selection of draught and bottled beers.

Myself and Donaldo will probably be visiting some of these pubs from opening time onwards, so we might see some of you there.

C’mon The County……………

Bloody hell Fyrish that's about as detailed as your match reports!

The buses (well 2 of the 4) are heading straight for the stadium, probably 12.30 at the latest I would think, what is the Almondvale suite like? Better to head for the above pubs?

Haha…….very true Stuart.

Livingston is a very big place. Beware of one wrong exit in the land of roundabouts Big Grin

Have never been in the Almondvale suite so can't really comment. Would imagine that the beer is probably cheaper at both of the Wetherspoons which are a few minutes walk from the stadium. Have also seen on TJE site that the bar at the ground has last orders at 2.15pm and closes at 2.30pm.

That reminds me. Forgot to say that if - like Mrs. Fyrish - anyone’s missus / girlfriend prefers shopping over football, the Almondvale shopping centre is a bargain hunter’s paradise.

There are Scores of Designer and other shops.

The perfect reason for taking your partner to Livingston early doors. This leaves ample drinking time before the game - whilst at the same time your better half gleefully whizzes round the shops with her credit card - before driving you back home after the game. Simples !
Thanks for all the info Fyrish. Unfortunately I'm on one of the buses that's stopping in Perth. I would have preferred to get to Livi early and hit the pub with the rest of the Staggies and tuck into a Wetherspoons gourmet burger!
Cheers Fyrish, I'm on bus going straight there and wasn't sure where to go but it looks like 'The Almond bank' for me.
Thanks for the advice Fyrish, worked out well, and good to meet you and Donaldo.

Likewise Stuart - good to meet you and Bunglebonce.

I also now know who Mambo and Filthy Staggie are.

Twas a brilliant day out.
What Fyrish said. Always nice to link up names on here to faces in the crowd.
First of all thanks for the info, great help.

Secondly I think we should get a thread like this set up for next season (regardless of what league we are in) and have it as a sticky thread at the top of the forum.

Maybe we would need to get all the info collated first and then get one thread full of the info and no replies just to keep it clean and simple.
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