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Player of the Year Awards
There are several players who certainly would deserve to be players of the year in a regular season from Miller to Ketts to Midge, Brittain and McMenamin. However, this season they've been outshone by by far and away the best centre half in the league (christ knows what Butcher was smoking when they allowed him to leave!!) in Grant Munro. His ability to read the game and hold the line together when we are under pressure far outweighs his occasional lack of mobility. He and Boydy are the best centre parternship we've had since Irvine/Maxwell.
Colin McMenamin with Grant Munro a close 2nd.

Midge and Brittain have been brilliant this season. Also munro and Boyd have been solid at the back but for me it is kettlewell. Every game he has played he has given 100% and he will never give up. He has scored some key goals in important games for us but more importantly he has stops the opposition from scoring. Without him I don't think county would have gone 24 unbeaten
For me it has to be Ketts he has been tremend.
It was a good night, thanks to all who organised it!
Suffering for it now...

The winners were : POY - Grant Munro, Young POY - Curtis Byrne, Services to Ross County Award - Michael Gardyne. Thanks to all supporters who made it along on the night! The entire playing squad plus mgt and board of directors attended and it was a good night! Some photos from the night can be seen at:


Also see this page of the website for a cracking photo of the "Poznan" in full flow in the Jailend from yesterdays match!
also http://www.thejailender.blogspot.co.uk/2...layer.html

Just wondering what the cut off age was for young player of the year?
Midge did a moon-walk when going up to get an award, I couldnt get my camera sorted out in time.
The boys got talent!

And The Vengy was parked outside, some joker had pulled-out the windscreen wipers, but I put them back and spoke to it nicely.

In regards to Young Player of the Year - its an open vote amongst all club members. You vote for who you want in each category so there is no upper or lower limit for young player of the year or indeed the Services Award (which isn't given out every year). So its each club members perspective on who they feel should be young player of the year and the votes are counted up and the most popular wins! I think this year was the hardest ever for Player of the Year as they have all been hereos. And I think the same for Young Player as the team picked itself most weeks and there was little opportunity for young players to break through this season.
Yeah I can imagine it was a pretty tough decision this year for awarding player of the year and young player of the year. I only ask about Young player of the year as I was surprised that Vigurs 23 or Gary miller 24 didn't get it. Both have been awesome this year and both young in terms of age, and were usually the youngest of the starting 11 most if not every week. Anyway prizes aside the whole team have been fantastic and all deserve a massive well done. Well done to the prize winners too, especially Grant, top class this season.
Well done to Taffy, Joan and all the others at the Inverness supporters club. Good backing over the years and this years event must make all the effort worthwhile.
PFA nominees just announced:

El Alagui



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