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Vs Celtic 11/09/21
Yes let's just move on from that. Our season isn't going to be defined by our results against Rangers and Celtic, it'll be more like the games against the 2 Dundees, the 2 Saints and Livi. In fact the league seems to be sorting out the top and bottom 6 after just 5 games. I'd love us to have a top 6 finish, but I just can't see it. You never know though.
I think 2 points from our opening 5 games is very poor. Yes we have had a hard run of games, but we are a team in the top league, therefore we need to start competing. I personally don't think we have improved from last season, we are still making the same mistakes, conceding too many goals and not scoring enough. I hope with a slightly less difficult run of games coming up we can pick up some points, otherwise i fear we will be worse off than last season (as of now we are). I think some people had their blinkers on for yesterdays game, we were lucky to be in the game, they hit the woodwork several times and dominated. We didn't really show anything. They didn't get out of second gear and we were still beat convincingly. Hopefully we improve drastically and put a few wins together.
We didn't play that badly, for the most part and defended well. Undone by three things:

1. The deflection
2. The miss, which was an absolute sitter
3. Their second which came from one of the few good balls they got in

The third was Ben Paton showing he wasn't a proper full back, not realizing where his man was, but that's not his position so hard to blame him for something like that.

Positives: Burroughs looked decent, RCC had one of his best games for us. Laidlaw was better.
It will be good to see where we are after the first round of fixtures. Its been a nightmare start, in which i think we have done okay in. Hibs away being the real disappointment.

If we're all being level headed, we're not going to compete with the big two and and away games are always going to be tough against Hibs, Hearts and Aberdeen. We've just got to make sure we compete well against the teams that are going to be around us come the end of the season and try and make the Global Energy Stadium a fortress. Do that, and we'll survive the season and look to build for next year. You can see the lengths the club are going to with the change in structure behind the scenes - this is definitely a long term plan.

Looking forward to what the future holds under Malky!

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