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Kett's & Fergie Appointed Permanent Management Team
(11-26-2018, 07:52 PM)westhillstaggie Wrote: There is no decision to be made, management are doing just fine, above expectations imo, Roy made a decision on McIntyre and look what happened.

Despite neillson being an absolute dick I think Dundee Utd will win the league, biggest budget, fanbase etc and the team that everyone including officials want to see back in the premiership, we won't be far behind though and that should not be seen as a failure.
The recent dip in performances may be a worry for some, but I'm sure it's just temporary,
Now for my own controversial comment, does anyone else think our dip in form has coincided with Marcus Fraser being back in the team?

At present I agree,he is not up to speed, probably brought back too early , due to injury list .
On Dundee United winning league , they did not manage it past two seasons ,bigger budget , hey we were playing in SPFL last two seasons ,
Ross County will get there ,need to be this year
(11-26-2018, 11:16 AM)LauchlansLeftBoot Wrote: We have two very winnable games before the big one away to Ayr in a couple of weeks, I wonder if we see anything less than nine points, would Roy be forced to make a decision? This is a huge season for the club with Promotion being a must.

Hats off to you, that's quite a catch you've landed
"The heart of the club is the fan. The board and the chairman are custodians. The staff are transient. But the fan is there forever"

Roy Macgregor, April 2013
Eh ... we’ll be top o the league by Saturday night.
A wee piece last night for The Totally Scottish Football Show

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