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St Johnstone at home 27/12
It was definitely a back four, guys, the same shape throughout.  Routis and Fraser were centre-backs.  Gardyne didn't move infield, he just didn't have the legs to bomb down the wing and let Naismith get on with that.  There was even a moment where Gardyne was an auxiliary right-back, in order to keep the team shape while Naismith continually attacked.  If it was a back three then Keillor-Dunn would have had to track all the way back to pick up O'Halloran (and then Alston).

(12-29-2017, 12:13 AM)NVACA Wrote: Think he did really well there too. More of that crossfield ball to DKD vs Partick please!

Having a midfielder willing to cover the defence and track runs, as Chow was allows others to push further forward. Having DKD and Naismith on either wing and switching the ball between them QUICKLY, had the SJ defenders struggling to contain our attacks.  Definitely more of the same please!
(12-29-2017, 09:57 AM)john@THHP Wrote: It was definitely a back four, guys

Of course it was. This back 3 talk is gibberish.

To me Routis is a better centre half than midfielder.

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