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Ross County vs Hibs - 23rd September
the fact Fox will not release a quick ball is probably my biggest bugbear. He's so slow to get us moving up the park by the time he lets the ball loose all potential out balls have been blocked off. Happened time and time against Hibs, who made us resort to the pumped long ball or sideways passes at the back.
Tumilty made sense to me.  Meant we could double up on their wingers which was a sensible plan given their impact in the LC match. I was pleased to see DKD come on at half time but I would not have liked to see him start with a tracking back role.

But Draper and O'Brien were disappointingly ineffective in the middle.  Hopefully they will have better days as I think they are our strongest combination there.  

And Mckay and Schalk looked more effective than Mckay and Curran, which surprised me. Not effective enough though, obviously.
Had a feeling we would lose this game. Sad to see us in such bad form, hopefully we pick up soon.

We should of defended better for the goal and we got lucky a few times. Hibs should of won 3/4-1 i think.

McKay looks decent, just needs a goal or 2 to hit the better form he can produce. Happy to see Fox back and congrats to him too. If McCarey was in goal it would of deffo been 4/5 to Hibs.

Gardyne chance in the 2nd was just unlucky.
I felt for Tumilty, he was dropped in the deep end and fed to the wolves. He tried but nothing really worked for him.

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